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This UVC-R effectively reduces the viral load inside rooms with few or no ventilation, thanks to UVC lamps and a controlled air flow.
The UVC-R air disinfection system is the new innovative solution against viruses, bacteria and airborne infectious germs. As scientific studies in Europe and the United States show, aerosols are among the main causes of virus transmission, including COVID-19 or influenza.
The new normality that shapes our private and professional life is determined by masks, distancing rules and disinfectants. Unfortunately, this situation will not change in the short to medium term.
UVC-R can effectively participate in bringing some of our quality of life back to this new normality.

About UVC-R

The UVC-R product line is designed to reduce the viral load in indoor environments such as offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, lobbies, stores, meeting rooms or any enclosed area that receives the public.
It uses the highly efficient and silent UVC technology that has been used in hospitals for decades. In addition to its modern design, the anti-viral fabric covering the system can be customized to fit harmoniously into any environment.
It should be noted that the UVC-R system does not replace the usual ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of the premises, but is an effective complement to these measures and makes the environment healthier.
Developed by Durst Labs, these devices have been tested by independent and accredited European testing laboratories. The studies carried out have shown that the products in the UVC-R range achieve an efficiency of over 99%.
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Technical Data



UVC-R is equipped with 4 high performance UV-C lamps with a total of 96 watts. This makes the UVC-R up to 4x more powerful than comparable systems. The use of UV-C lamps to inactivate germs, including bacteria and viruses, has been proven in numerous scientific studies and has been used for decades in the medical field. These lamps are placed in a containment box that prevents the propagation of UV-C waves and radiation outside the system and all measurements confirm that no harmful ozone is emitted into the ambient air.
The UVC-R can therefore be used without risk in the presence of the public.





In developing the UVC-R, the focus was on maximum exposure and irradiation time of the infectious air in the channels. Comparable systems focus on the maximum volume of air that is passed through. In elaborate flow simulations and CFD model calculations, the channels were optimized to irradiate the infectious air with UV-C light for 3 seconds. Only with this exposure time are viruses and germs effectively rendered harmless, as proven by scientific studies.
In addition, the air circulation channels use a sophisticated reflective mirror process. This increases the performance of the UV-C light by up to 30% compared to non-reflective channels.





UVC-R systems can be operated in two modes. The silent mode with 40m3/h and a sound level below 35 db(A) and the power mode to “ventilate” a room with a volume flow of 100m3/h.





The UVC-R systems with their modern design, fit perfectly in any environment. The surface of the fabric can be customized and can therefore be used as a communication, information, signage or decoration area.
In the 100H version, the UVC-R systems can even be equipped with a backlight function.
The exchange of fabrics is very easy and can be done by anyone quickly.
For added safety, the textile surface is provided with an anti-viral coating, so that viruses, bacteria and germs are partially killed on contact. This fabric withstands at least 30 washes at 60°C without losing its anti-viral properties.





After intensive testing in the Durst laboratories with various UV-C modules, Gelt International had the UVC-R system thoroughly tested (according to ISO 15714:2019) at an accredited testing laboratory for medical technology and disinfectants. The laboratory confirmed Durst’s internal measurements and the efficiency of the entire system at 99.998% after only 30 minutes of operation.





The UVC-R comes pre-installed and ready to use. The anti-viral textile surface can be washed up to 30 times without losing its protective function. As we do not use conventional filters, which must be irradiated or replaced according to strict safety regulations, UVC-R systems are maintenance-free. UV-C lamps have a life span of approximately 9000 hours, or one to four years depending on use, and can be replaced quickly and safely.



  • UV-C vs. HEPA Filters


HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air*) filter germs from the air. To ensure their filtering characteristics, a high volume flow rate is required. This means that the fans have to run at high power all the time to push the air through the filters. This leads to faster fan wear. In addition, regular and costly replacement of contaminated filters is necessary to maintain a high protective function.
With our filterless UV-C systems, this high maintenance requirement is eliminated because the airflow is not obstructed. The operating costs of a UV-C system are therefore at least 75% lower than those of a HEPA filter system.


All our devices are CE compliant and have a one year warranty

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